Kawaii Food: Cupcakes!

Quick Note: If you are looking to save some money with GoDaddy you can find some GoDaddy SSL coupon codes here. If you’re having some friends over or throwing a party cupcakes are a great choice for something sweet! There is such a variety in flavours and what you can do with the icing and…

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Cute Jewelry Trends

One thing I love about Kawaii culture is that there are so many cool ways to be unique. From your hair to your clothes to your accessories how you want to style yourself is really up to you! One of my favourite ways to accessorize is with adorable jewelry. There are tons of shops online…

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DIY Hair Bows

One of my favourite accessories right now is oversize hair bows. A lot of people sell these on Etsy and other craft sites, but they are super easy to make yourself and then you can get the exact design and color that you want! Don’t fret if you don’t have access to a sewing machine…

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