How to Easily Create a Kawaii Website with Coupons!

If You Use a Word Processor, You Can Build a WordPress Website

Often a small business owner considers how to publish a website, many times looking at canned solutions that advertise easy point-and-click solutions.  Some advertisements tell you that you can have a website up and running in minutes.  They’re telling you the truth, but what you have after that few minutes is a billboard, not a destination.

Your site is like a billboard beside a very busy highway.  Drivers may see it, but they’re moving fast, and it takes a major impact on the sign to get their attention and even more to get them to slow down or stop.  What you want is more of a destination website.  Think of the rarer series of signs you see along the highway, with each one bringing something new to your attention about the business.  You make the business a destination worth visiting.

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There are costs involved in making a website: domain registrations and website hosting costs. There’s also professional WordPress themes available as well, depending on what you want your website to do. There are discounts available to help you save money on your first website.

The reason for that billboard and destination discussion is to make the point that the cookie-cutter site isn’t going to be a destination unless you do a lot of work to change and customize it.  If you’re going to have to do a ton of work to create custom content and images, why not just do it from the start?  Why undo the other site to do yours?  The reason many small business owners do not consider WordPress is that they think it’s too complicated.  This is incorrect.

If you work with Microsoft Word or Apple’s Pages, you’re good at entering and formatting text, and you’re probably good at inserting and sizing images to make your documents better.  What you will find with WordPress are a very similar input area and interface.  You can type and format text, and you can easily insert and size images.  So, you shouldn’t fear complicated input.  The real power of WordPress is its CMS, Content Management System, functions.

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A content management system does what it says, manages content by making sure that what you put on pages or blog posts ends up in the right place and the right format for viewing.  You do this through your creation of categories and placing content into those categories based on your decisions as to subject matter.  When you write a post or create a page, you assign it to one or more categories, and then WordPress knows where to show it.

You also have complete control of your site navigation, buttons along the top or links down the side.  You decide what to have for navigation buttons and text, as well as where they take the visitor when clicked.  The few hours you spend at the start to set up your categories, titles and button text is a one-time process.  Then you create the content you want on your site, and WordPress takes care of the rest.

WordPress software is free, and the cost of hosting your site can be as low as around $8/month, so cost shouldn’t be a problem.  You then have total control of your content, as it’s not on the servers owned by those cookie-cutter site sellers.  You own your content, so you should control it.

Now that you know how easy it is to use WordPress and the very low cost involved, think about WordPress for your business website.  You want your site to be a destination, not a billboard.