Cute Jewelry Trends

One thing I love about Kawaii culture is that there are so many cool ways to be unique. From your hair to your clothes to your accessories how you want to style yourself is really up to you! One of my favourite ways to accessorize is with adorable jewelry. There are tons of shops online and on Etsy where you can buy one of a kind pieces, or you can make your own! Kawaii culture is all about being creative and expressing yourself, so it’s very DIY friendly!

Online Shops


modcloth kawaii accessories

Even ModCloth sells some great accessories, my personal favourite is the cute little wire cloud necklace. It’s currently out of stock but it would be super easy to make, and then you could add some cute crystal beads for raindrops! Even if you prefer to make all of your own jewelry and clothing (I usually do) looking at online retailers can be a great source of inspiration and ideas.

Ji Ji KiKi

jijikiki kawaii accessories

Ji Ji Kiki is based in the UK but can ship worldwide. They have some really cute laser cut printed acrylic necklaces and rings with great little details. I really like the felt Kumo raincloud as well, felted accessories make for fun DIY sewing projects that can be completed in an afternoon too! One of my upcoming projects is to make some felted onigiri pins to put on a tote bag.

Etsy Shops

Dreadful Darling Art

dreadful darling art

Etsy is a wonderful, wonderful resources for all things kawaii if you aren’t particularly crafty or into sewing yourself. I recently found Dreadful Darling Art and while her work isn’t strictly kawaii she does have some really great pieces. She has some really adorable strawberry cake earrings that are my favourite.

Love Factory Girl

love factory girl

I love Love Factory Girl! All her work is very bright and bold colors, and super cute of course. Her macaroon rings are just darling, and I absolutely adore her tiny oreo stud earrings!