Kawaii Food: Wine!

Wine is my second favorite drink, behind a seductive cup of Hawaiian brew.

This isn’t my typical sort of topic, and admittedly I am far from an expert on the subject of wine, but I recently found myself hosting a dinner party where it wouldn’t be appropriate to have rainbow colored cupcakes or tiny macaroons. I still wanted to have something that reflected my personality, so I was looking up cocktails when I came across something even better: pretty pink Rosé wine! It’s kind of between a white and red wine, it gets just enough contact with the grape skin to give it a pink color but not so much that it’s at the level of a red wine. Do not just mix white and red wine together to make a rosé, that’s very frowned upon and actually forbidden by law in France! I also found some great wine.com coupons and saved a bunch of money, so this idea was win-win!

You can get rosés in both dry and sweet varieties, I of course prefer the sweet version, and if you are feeling really fancy you can get it as a champagne or sparkling wine as well! Although I’m an expert I picked ones that had interesting sounding flavour profiles and all of my guests seemed to genuinely enjoy the wine. My favourite was the Innocent Bystander Pink Moscato it smelled absolutely wonderful (their description says it includes aromas of pink grapefruit, mandarin, cotton candy, and toffee apples) and was a darling pastel pink color. The colors definitely varied from wine to wine, some of them were a little closer to an orange or melon color.

I did a little research on rosés (okay I mostly read the Wikipedia page) and it seems that they are most likely more similar to red wines in ancient times than the modern version because of the way that it is processed, I think that’s kind of cool!

So next time you are having a dinner party and want to throw in a little kawaii, consider serving a nice pink rosé! It was very refreshing and looked great.