Priceline Discount Codes & Convention Cosplay Tips!

Anime conventions pride themselves on having amazing cosplayers. Besides all the hall costumes, there are many costume contests and cosplay events. It’s fun to dress up as your favourite character and pose for a picture, but there is even more fun in doing it right. Here are some tips that will help you navigate smoothly through your cosplay.

Priceline Discount Codes

First you need to get to the convention! I tend to stick to ones that are within driving distance of where I live as it can be expensive enough to attend a convention without having to add on airfare and baggage fees, because you will need at least one suitcase just for your costume and makeup! And good luck trying to fit elaborate costume armour and weapons in an overhead storage bin. If you need to rent a car, I recommend going with as they have tons of great deals, take a look at to see the offers that they currently have. Now that you have your travel sorted, let’s talk about cosplay itself!

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Costumes- Buying vs. Making Yourself

You may not have the time to sew a costume, or your skills may not be good enough yet to make what you want, so, you can order a custom-made piece from a commissioner, an eBay seller, or a friend that you know, and, can make the best fit for you. Whichever you settle for, it doesn’t make you any less of a great cosplayer if indeed you’re one. Don’t allow anyone convince you otherwise. Nonetheless, making your costume yourself comes with a sense of pride – especially when you share with others how you created it. On the one hand, you will need to make one for yourself when entering in craftsman competition, on the other, if someone created it for, you would have to be accompanied by that person during your judging or some contests do not allow it at all. And, if the costume wins an award, it belongs to the designer, not you.

Costuming materials- choose the best fabric

Perhaps you might consider making your cosplay costume for an anime convention. So, you need the perfect fabrics to create such a masterpiece that will bring your vision to life. One such fabric is Neoprene, which is typically used for cosplay costume making due to its distinctive looks and form-fitting properties. There many other fabrics, but the essential thing is to select one that perfectly suits your body and allows you to add patterns and motifs to your fake armour.

Cosplay make-up

Cosplay makeup is an essential part of the anime conventions, and as such, you’ve to give it the attention it deserves. However, makeup is not always good for skin, regardless of how organic the manufacturer claims. It is a foreign thing to the body-period. Therefore, don’t apply foundation to your skin directly without a moisturizer to keep them off.

Moisturizers are suitable for giving your skin the moisture boost necessary before cosplay. Therefore, get a moisturizer that is perfect for your skin. Also, a makeup base is a suitable inclusion since it provides a smooth canvas.

Cosplay Wigs

You should balance between cost, accuracy, as well as effort when choosing the type of wig to buy. Various styles are available, and, there are those that don’t require much modification. It could be pretty easy to get one that is the perfect colour and shape if you have relatively normal-looking hair. Most importantly, pick a wig that closely resonates with your character as much as possible, to facilitate feature modifications; for instance, if you have short hair, begin with short wigs.


Participating in cosplay at anime conventions should be fun above all else. It does not matter whether you’re a novice or a guru, the most important thing is to follow the basic tips and tricks, and everything will fall into place.